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hydexgackt's Journal

gakuhai icon contests
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Every Wednesday night a Hyde, Gackt, or gakuhai image will be posted. It's your job to turn it into an icon by midnight (EST) on Sunday. Voting will take place on Monday and Tuesday with winners to be announced Wednesday before the new contest is started.

Voting works by having everyone rank all the icons submitted on a scale of 1 to 5 (ick to wow), and the icon that gets the highest overall score will win. (Confused? Check this out.)

Submitting works by commenting on the submissions entry with a comment that contains your icon, like so:
          <lj user="yourusername">
          <img src="http://yoururl.com/youricon">

3 winners will be selected by popular vote, as well as one by mods' choice.

Originality is an asset. Do not be afraid to think outside the box.

1. Icons must be new, made by you specifically for the current week's contest, and cannot be seen anywhere else until the contest is over.
2. Icons that don't use the image provided will be disqualified.
3. Animations are only allowed when we specify that it is an animation week. (The first week of each month.)
4. Icons must meet LiveJournal's icon requirements: 100x100, 40kb, etc...
5. Submit your entry only to the specified screened submission posts.
6. Only mods can post to the community, the community is locked so no one else can do so. Please do not ask for permission to post, because you will not receive it.

~ coming soon ~

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Shiz [ nullspace | email ]
Rinoa [ noakun | email ]

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